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New School IPM BMPs: The Florida School IPM Industry Task Force has developed Best Management Practices tailored for Florida pest conditions.  They are intended to help you design an integrated pest management program for your schools. School IPM BMPs.

Bed Bugs: We are seeing reports of bed bugs in schools.  In order to avoid problems resulting from improper applications, it is critical that we are knowledgeable on how to handle bed bug infestations. We have developed some tips for schools and parents.

The Florida Bed Bug Workgroup Website was created to develop bed bug awareness for Florida consumers that includes information on effective and legal control methods.

The Virginia Dept. of Agriculture received US EPA funds to develop a series of fact sheets.  Dr. Dini Miller of VPI was tasked with producing the fact sheets which are nationally applicable. Bed Bug Prevention Methods.  This fact sheet may be helpful to school staff and students as they prepare to travel. Non-chemical Bed Bug Management, Bed Bug Treatment Using Insecticides.

As bed bugs infest more and more homes, they may find their way into schools. When this happens, the school needs to take proactive action to prevent infestation and stop them from spreading in the school setting. The Michigan flow chart on page 4 is very helpful.

More resources are available on the eXtension Bed Bug News page.

eXtension: Pest Management in and Around Structures, a resource from eXtension. Urban Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a process that manages pests in a way that will reduce pests long term while minimizing the risks associated with pests and pesticides.

School IPM Welcome Packet: This welcome packet is intended to provide the basic documents and checklists that can provide a starting point for any school wanting to start an IPM program or for pest control companies wanting to provide information as part of their bid for a contract.

Good Neighbor Practices:These resources (newsletters and brochures) were designed to help schools talk to their neighbors. When using these please be sure to follow guidelines set by your County School Board.

This page last updated on July 22, 2014


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