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As a pest manager, how do I get IPM implemented into schools?

As a pest manager, you may find Integrated Pest Management (IPM) a viable option as an alternative to traditional pest control. If you are currently servicing schools, day care centers, or city/county government facilities, and are not using IPM, you should consider the advantages of the IPM concept. If you are well trained in the practice of IPM and wish to begin implementing it into some facilities, the following information may be helpful. If the concept of IPM is new to you, the following five-step process is essential to implementing IPM into schools and public buildings.

  • Educate Yourself About IPM.
  • Schedule a Meeting with School Administrators.
  • Volunteer to organize an IPM Advisory Committee.
  • Establish a Pilot IPM Program.
  • Set up Communication Links.

  • New School IPM BMPs: The Florida School IPM Industry Task Force has developed Best Management Practices tailored for Florida pest conditions.  They are intended to help you design an integrated pest management program for your schools.  School IPM BMPs.



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