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Introduction to the School IPM Welcome Packet and Model Contract

This document was designed to be used by officials working in schools, such as purchasing agents, who are responsible for procuring pest management services. This document is not designed to be used as-is; we are in the process of developing a new model. Required language common to all contracts as a local policy should be inserted into this model before implementation. Additional assistance in creating a formal contract can be sought from professional IPM practitioners, legal consultants, and university extension faculty.

A model contract provides a minimum standard of IPM techniques which, if followed, should provide quality pest management while minimizing risk. Local circumstances may make some practices/descriptions contained within the contract inappropriate. In such cases an IPM practitioner should be consulted to help modify contract language to make it more suitable. Members of the Florida School IPM Working Group have provided considerable input to the creation of the welcome packet and model contract. The links below have other contract options.


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