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National School IPM Toolbox

The toolbox is a set of printable or viewable material for use in your IPM program.

University of Florida Materials

School IPM commercials

These short commercials are great to show at School Board, Faculty, or PTA/PTO meetings. One commercial focuses on looking at things from a pest's point of view and the other on what parents can do to help in an IPM program. To download the file, click the link and save the zip folder to your computer. You will then need to extract the files then click on the player. The commercials are Flash files that will play on an internet browser. Click Flash to download the player from Adobe.



Download :

Pest's point of view. (833 KB)
(Save to computer then right click to extract all. Then click player)

Did you know? (903KB)
(Save to computer then right click to extract all. Then click player)


Pest's point of view.
Click to start Flash player.

Did you know?
Click to start Flash player.

Interactive Flash Activities - See how much you know about IPM. Click the marked areas to find out which pests are associated with that area and how you can use sanitation or exclusion to discourage pests from entering.

IPM at home can start outside

School IPM - Things for parents to consider

School IPM information brochure.

This colorful School IPM brochure contains sections on What to know about School IPM? What is IPM? and How can I become involved? It also introduces the reader to the School IPM website and provides a list of resources about School IPM. The brochure is designed to address the general public. There are several versions of the brochure available. If you would like to print a full version of the brochure, please choose the original pdf for local printing. If you would like to have copies of the brochure made using a professional printing service, please choose original pdf for professional or mass printing. If you would like to add your own links or logos to the brochure, please choose pdf with blanks for either local or professional printing.

  • original pdf for local printing (3.75 MB)
  • pdf with blanks for additional web links and logos (local printing) ( 3.69 MB)
  • original pdf for professional or mass printing (4.86 MB)
  • pdf with blanks for additional web links and logos (mass printing) (4.8 MB)

Other School IPM Tools - EPA Toolbox
(Compiled by the University of Arizona)

These tools can be printed for use in your School IPM or Structural IPM program.

  • What is IPM? Flier
    (doc - 1.23MB, pdf - 326KB)
  • School inspection checklist (doc - 160KB, pdf - 80KB)
  • Monitoring Protocol
    (doc - 56KB)
  • Generic Certificate of Appreciation
    (doc - 4505KB, pdf - 76KB)
  • Working with a pest control company (doc - 100KB)
  • Architectural Guidelines for IPM (doc - 584KB)
  • IPM Policy for School and Child Care Facilities
    (doc - 188KB)
  • Certificate of Recignition Template (doc - 180KB)
  • IPM Awards and Recognition (doc - 128KB)
  • Audit Checklist Template
    (doc - 204KB)
  • Audit Report template
    (doc - 64KB)
  • Bad Bug Help!
    Web resource list (doc - 552KB)
  • Comprehensive IPM model
    (doc - 108KB)
  • Corrective Action Notice
    (doc - 76KB)
    (doc - 28KB)
  • Letter to Principal Template
    (doc - 52KB)






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