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The ABC's of IPM: A Video-based Pest Management Training Program for Schools in English and Spanish

The ABCs of IPM video set is a comprehensive training program for school employees. It has been carefully developed and reviewed by Texas A & M University experts (Spanish version developed in cooperation with the University of Florida, IFAS, School IPM Program)in the fields of entomology and pest management. While emphasizing the "how-to's" of pest control these videos also help sell the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concept to school faculty, staff and administrators.

The complete package includes six modules that provide instruction, content, illustrations, and examples focused on pertinent IPM topics. Each module consists of a videotape plus a User's Guide. The Guides supplement the tapes and include pre-and post-tests, note-taking outlines, questions for discussion and additional resources. Module overviews and learning objectives help orient viewers and training facilitators to the purpose and intent of each video.

The six modules include:

  1. Introduction. Defines IPM and explains the process of putting an IPM program to work in schools. (15 minutes)
  2. Structural Pest Control. General pest management recommendations for schools. "How-to's" of applying IPM to the most common pest problems found in non-food handling areas of schools. (22 minutes)
  3. Food Handling Areas. Pest control in food handling areas is explained using a four step approach. (16 minutes)
  4. Bids and Contracts. Overviews steps for securing the services of a commercial IPM provider. (17 minutes)
  5. The Administrative Challenge. Explains the importance of a clear IPM policy, the benefits of an IPM plan, and the crucial role of an IPM Coordinator. (17 minutes)
  6. Landscape IPM. Introduction into the principles of IPM for outdoor athletic fields and landscape areas. Add: Workbook comes with a colored appendix that explains many of the common insect, disease and weed problems. (32 minutes)


To order call (888) 900-2578 or go on-line to the Texas A&M Cooperative Extension Bookstore. For detailed information on these modules visit the ABC's of IPM web site.

Online versions with Florida DACS CORE CEUs available, visit the UF/IFAS Extension Continuing Education Solutions Website.


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